Shore Excursions - From the port of Palermo - Palermo Cefalu' and Monreale

Palermo Cefalu' and Monreale

One of our expert bilingual Drivers will be waiting for you at 08.00 am at the pier as you disembark your ship. He/she will be holding a sign with your name on and after the greetings the tour will start. Driving just 40 minutes eastward we will be glad to show you to the attractive beachside town of Cefalu'.

It is a small city on the Northern coast of sicily around half way between Messina and Palermo. The water front is very nice with many restaurants. Nice to see is the porticoes of the Fishers right on the shore. You will surely visit the cathedral. The Cathedral of Cefalu’, built to the explicit wish of Ruggero II, represents the first mausoleum of the Norman-Sicilian dynasty of the Hauteville. It also represents the first and most important attempt of artistic – architectonic syncretism between east (Byzantine-Fatimid) and west (Norman-Cluniatic).

One of the leading destination as holiday resorts as far as Italians are concerned, you have absolutely to visit its medieval part with its medieval lavatory, where all the women of the city used to wash their family clothes up to 40 years ago. Then leaving the city, get ready once again to visit a very similar town Monreale and its cathedral. The Cathedral stands on the edge of the historical centre of Monreale. “The golden Temple”, a fairy-tale construction, the Christian apotheosis of a Norman king’s dream: one morning of 1174, William II, known as “the Good”, Roger II’s grandson and third Norman King of Sicily, awoke early at daybreak and told his ministers he had dreamt of the Virgin Mary asking him to build her a church with the treasure stolen from the State by his father, William I known as “the Bad”, and hidden in a secret place that she would have shown him. Last but not least is Palermo, a wonderful city, the main city of Sicily, where new and old are perfectly mingled together. Not to be missed is Palazzo dei Normanni. In the 9th century, the Arab emirs built this majestic building. When they were ousted from Sicily, the building was transformed into a luxurious palace by the Normans, who extended it and made it even more beautiful. During the reign of Frederick II, the Palace enjoyed a period of splendor, and became the center of cultural life in the city, as the headquarters of the “Sicilian School”.

The internal courtyards, the huge marble staircase, the towers and the extravagant great hall are sights to be seen. The palace houses the spectacular Cappella Palatina inside, which was also built by the Normans. Palazzo dei Normanni has been the seat of the Regional Sicilian Assembly since 1947. Back to the ship by 05:00 pm



  • to dress respectfully for the visit to religious buildings: knees and shoulders covered; 
  • to take with you comfortable walking shoes if possible; 
  • to keep an eye on your wallet; it is recommended not to wear precious jewelry or large amount of cash;

Price DOES NOT include neither lunch nor entrance fees. Note that the driver will not enter sites but will give running commentaries of what you are seeing The vehicle will escort you for the entire tour .Walking is limited unlike bus tour where you have to walk the whole day.


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