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Half day Rome

The tour normally starts at 08.00 a.m. from your accommodation in Rome where one of our English Speaking drivers will be waiting for at the lobby. 
From there the tour will start. Being just a 4 hour tour of course you can always decide to start it in the first afternoon, let's say around 01 pm.
Remember that all our tours are flexible so it is very easy - if you already have places that you want to see - to agree with our driver which spots to be manly concentrated on.

Of course here the best thing to do would be a general overview of the city, mostly driving by, trying then to have a very relaxed time but be able at least to see what Rome is all about.

This is very nice to do when you have young kids or if you have been to Rome already in the past and you just want to briefly experience our city, being driven around by an expert!

Of course in these 4 hours you can also decide to get focused on a couple of particular monuments because maybe those are the ones that you have not been able to visit in your previous visits!

Well put together a list of sites and let us know what you think the 4 hours have to be all about, the most ancient part of the city? The fountains? The squares? Or a brief general overview?

Let us know or simply trust our expert drivers that for sure will show you the best that Rome can offer!

DURATION: based on 4 hours


  • to dress respectfully for the visit to religious buildings: knees and shoulders covered;
  • to take with you comfortable walking shoes if possible;
  • to keep an eye on your wallet; it is recommended not to wear precious jewelry or large amount of cash;


  • Entrance to Vatican Museum 19 or 25 euro per pax
  • Entrance to Colosseum 12 euro per pax
  • Entrance to Catacombs 8 euro per pax (tour guide included)

Price DOES NOT include neither lunch nor entrance fees.

The Vatican is closed on all Sundays but the last of every month.

Note that the driver will not enter sites but will give running commentaries of what you are seeing The vehicle will escort you for the entire tour .Walking is limited unlike bus tour where you have to walk the whole day.



For more passengers please contact us

We don't accept credit cards nor personal cheques, we accept only cash or TCs in Euro or USD, if USD we will give you the conversion rate of the day before the service increased by 6/7 cents.

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